North Coast Range Project

"Wilderness…an area where the earth and its
community of life are untrammeled by man, where
man himself is a visitor who does not remain".

The Wilderness Act of 1964

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Working together as the Community Wilderness Alliance we are striving to protect the last unroaded wild areas on public lands and the wild and scenic river stretches along the north coast. The rugged beauty, peaceful solitude and exhilarating recreational opportunities afforded by these regional treasures provide a balance to the often hectic pace of our busy lives. Wilderness designation will ensure that these splendid places will be here for all of us and for the generations to come.

The unprotected public wild lands we are striving to protect are bastions of biological diversity that provides for a healthy landscape for people and wildlife. The clean water and air that provides us with a high quality of life depends on the forests within potential wilderness areas and the wild river segments within our watershed. The restoration of regional threatened and endangered salmonid populations, which have declined by over 95% due in part to destructive land management practices, requires the protection of these remaining wild forest and river areas.

While wilderness designation will provide the strongest protection possible, it will not affect existing legal uses of these areas. Existing grazing allotments, mining claims and private ownership within the wilderness boundary will not be altered by wilderness designation. Existing water diversion and storage projects would be unaffected.

The Community Wilderness Alliance unprotected wilderness areas stretch from the Snow Mountain Wilderness to Mad River Buttes, and includes the lowland habitat cores King Range National Conservation Area and the South Fork Eel RiverSource. Click on map to view larger version .

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